Artist's Statement

I love characters. I’m a mix of hilarious character voices & deep spiritual wisdom. Perhaps you know me as a cartoon voice from shows such as Care BearsTotal Drama Island, and Hotel Transylvania. I grew up in the theater, and have devoted my life to the Voice in all its different shapes and sizes. I absolutely love being a princess who sings in a forest and I also love creating characters for stage and television. My hope is that each one of my characters contains a kind of medicine for people, that they serve in some way beyond just another funny voice. Perhaps they help you reflect on one of life’s issues, or perhaps you laugh your head off at the absurdity of life. What motivates me to create is the constant desire to express what is true for me, and my wish is to guide others more deeply into themselves.

As a child, I spent hours in front of the mirror imitating TV personalities and family members, and mastering the art of impersonation.

I also spent many years of my life learning who the woman was underneath all of these character voices. Where was I hiding? It was so easy to wear the mask of someone else and forget about my own feelings, my own story, and my health, but by dismissing these parts of myself, many road blocks evolved in my creative process, creating pain and tension in my body and voice. Through my dedication to yoga, devotional singing, dance, prayer, self inquiry, and meditation, I have learned how to embrace these challenges and allow a newer and more real me to emerge. I know I can help you do the same. 

No matter what your vocation is, whether public speaker, dancer, singer, lawyer, engineer, or teacher, your voice needs to release itself—it needs to express its vulnerability, its pain, its joy, its sorrow, all of it. My passion is to help creative people, like you, release tension and blocks in your voice and body by working from the inside out. Then, you can trust that your creative life will fully express who you are. 

Perhaps you have a song that longs to be sung, a poem that is dying to be heard, or a story that you’ve always wanted to tell. Wherever you are, if something stirs in you, if you feel excited and scared at the same time—start now. 

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