"Sunday strips away the ordinary through a cool, energetic and fun process that she’s created, to help us tune into and embrace our authentic selves." 


"The workshop was life altering..I went in feeling beaten down from the week and you lifted my spirits. You're an inspiration, Sunday. I now start my day with mindful meditation, movement and shaking out the bad thoughts, toxins and feelings. It has made a huge impact." 
Stephanie Hotchkiss (actress/singer)

“The workshop defies description and is especially powerful.”
Bob McCulloch (Business Coach)

"I have taken Sunday's Inspired Voice workshop TWICE so far and wish I could do it twice a month.
It tunes my artistry and my humanity."
Cara Pifko (actress, coach)

"The workshop was profound. The activation that impacted me deeply was the game when we did the ball exercise and we created space to allow our true voices to be heard. This was big for me because for so long I used to hide my voice; to allow it to come through without manipulating and to be in safe space where I could fully let go was a huge gift. It was also incredibly beautiful to hear everyone else's authentic voice come through. I resonate with your work on so many levels; the spiritual, the divine, the playfulness, the voice and body connection. The shamanic quality to your container is exactly what I look for in the workshops I take. I was fed in many ways. This work is wanted and needed and you are a spectacular guide. Thank you."
Christina Dunbar

"After your course, I felt many pieces of me that I have discarded all of my life, naturally finding their way Home.  My integration right now is prolific, and you were the perfect Guide. I was being "taught" how begin to safely claim all of these parts of me back."
Lori Santo

"This was such an empowering experience. A feeling of well being, openness and feeling connected to one self and one another. Enlightening. Sunday You are a wonderful teacher through the journey of sound."
Jeff Dimitrou (dancer/choreographer)

"Sunday created a space for simple, powerful, revealing connection between my Self/spirit/the energy in me that inspires all creative action, and my voice and body. I feel like I've finally bridged a gap between spirit and technique so that my expression can manifest with more ease, confidence and freedom."
Denise Mader (actress)