Do you feel your creativity is blocked?

Have you ever wished you could be more expressive?

Would you like to find other forms of expression to empower and expand your existing career?

Have you been wondering how to bring more meaning and sustainability to your work?

Do you want to express your truth in a creative way but you think you are too old/inexperienced/busy/self-conscious/nervous and what's the point?

Are you eager to discover what makes you feel more alive?

Do you wish you could sing, speak, or dance with more confidence? 

Empowering the Artist may be for you...

I've developed an online course to empower people in their art and in their lives. I do this through a combination of storytelling, writing, improvisation, movement, character voices and ritual—Join me!

This Online Course will help you: 

Let go of perfection and the inner critic  * Recover your authentic self-expression *
Find vocal freedom and uninhibited joy * Gain clarity about your purpose

Empowering the Artist

  4 online evening sessions over 4 weeks
Course requirements:
All beginning, aspiring or professional voice over actors
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Contact Sunday here for more information about workshops and individual coaching, and set up your free half hour consultation!



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